Saturday, 1 May 2010


Tomorrow is the day of our childrens' baptism so today we are busy with the final preparations. I have done the final bit of food shopping, picked up the cupcakes from the bakers (decided on cupcakes instead of a traditional cake) and the house is mostly tidied & clean.

The final bits & pieces will have to be done once the boys are put to bed tonight & then it will be an early start in the morning as the Service starts at 9:30am!

Unfortunately I think I will be too tired for crafting tonight but I may sneak a quick visit to one of my local sewing shops to pick up some wadding for my latest project....

Friday, 30 April 2010

Hi .... my name is Amanda and I am a crafter :-)

This is my first journey into to blogging so please bear with me here for a while.

A little about myself.....married to a wonderful hubbie and we have 3 children together - our daughter, who is 7 and twin boys who are now 17 months old. I am lucky enough to be at home looking after our boys full time but in my former working life I worked in Environmental Health.

Another important piece of information is that I am a twin myself & my sister & I are very close.

My aim is to use this blog as I craft, recording what I have made, found and discovered. At the moment I am exploring quilting (along with my sister) but also have recently discovered preserve making.

Anyway tonight I have just finished the top layer of my first lap quilt but I will be back to talk more about it another time as I am tired now & ready for some shut eye....

Nighty night x