Friday, 18 June 2010

Another week, new fabrics

So another week has past. My birdie sample is complete so I have begun work on my full sized version.

So far there have been a few teething problems. I cut the white fabric for the background panels wrong so instead of being able to cut out six panels from it, I have only been able to cut out four. On the bright side you always need white fabric so the fabric left over will be used up in future projects I am sure.

Most recent mistake was with the brown border fabrics. I ordered a fat quarter of brown roman glass fabric by Kaffee Fassett. It arrived and although I did not think it was brown enough I really like it so am planning to use it. It crossed my mind that one fat quarter may not be enough so I ordered some more when I was ordering some fabric for another project (more about the other project later). However the fabric arrived and is not the same as the original fat quarter. I am in two minds about what to do and which one to use.....I shall make up my mind when I have made up some of the panels.

I am pleased to say that I did complete the first panel today .... (photos later).... I have sewn on some yellow birds with blue wings, some leaves and I have departed from the pattern by embellishing the birds with some beads.

Tonight I will be taking a break from the birdie quilt and will be starting my Amy Butler tunic top project but that again involves a mistake...but this time not my own! I decided that I will make a top for myself but also a top for HM. We will have the same tops but I will use the Amy Butler Daisy Chain Wildflower fabric in turquoise for me and the same fabric but in rose for her.

The fabric arrived this morning. I checked the invoice to ensure I ordered the correct amounts and started to wash it....I was excited. I then hung it out on the washing line and discovered that instead of there being 2m of fabric for me and 1.5m of fabric for HM, there was 1.5m for me & 2m for HM. I called the retailer where I purchased the fabric from and she was lovely. I am sending the 1.5m back and the retailer will send me 2m in return and I will keep the other 2m as well.

Anyway it will all be sorted out and I can play with P watches the footie xxx

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